[wp-docs] Codex Wiki Database Dumps - Second try

hakre hanskrentel at yahoo.de
Fri Jun 4 00:13:47 UTC 2010

Hi Docs Team,

I recently posted to this mailing-list regarding the wiki database dumps of the codex:


As it became clear afterwards my words were misread by persons having english as first language - I have not. I must excuse my interpretable way of writing there based on maybe unclear readings of what was been written in IRC by nacin. I totally agree that there is no need to jump or exagerate the upcomming changes of the codex, in fact right now no official decisions have been made how the changes will actually look like. I have and already had understood that.

As that thread shows, the discussion of the codex is one on its own and not everybody in the core team has the same opinion about that. So everybody can see, there is no official opinion about the future of the wiki.

But my mail was about something totally different. It is about how and where to retrieve the database dumps of the GPL'ed wordpress codex wiki content. I'm sorry if that request just jumps into a current discussion you have on re-designing wordpress.org. I just want to remind on that, because an answer to this question has not yet been given by email.

With this email I'd just like to focus again on my main request because a re-start from scratch might be the best:

I'm asking who is in charge and can provide the source data of the codex.

Please let me know and how you folks prefer to deliver it.

If all resources are currently covered with the 3.0 release, I can somehow understand, so if you can provide it after the release, that would be okay for me.

But please let me (and everybody else who might be interested) know how this is dealt with.

Best regards,



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