[wp-ui] Style Guide (Tabbed theme interface mockups)

Tracy Cannon tracy at carpelgin.com
Thu Feb 11 15:42:28 UTC 2010

Is there a wordpress style guide?

I've been playing with a way to unify or at least address all the 
versions of the Menu Management section that have been tossed around. 
(And in doing so looked into a few versions of the tab interface.)

Now my 2 cents: Since this is such a new group, a really good low 
priority project would be to look at the visual & interaction patterns 
that already exist. That way we can re-use what already exists in new 
designs, identify where there inconsistencies and have a common 
language to share when discussing larger changes.

(I guess something like the codex...)

Now off to finish what I started.

Tracy Cannon

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