[wp-ui] Tabbed theme interface mockups

Emil Payne EHSPayne at angelwoodpines.org
Thu Feb 11 15:08:07 UTC 2010

Jane Wells wrote:
> On Feb 11, 2010, at 8:52 AM, Emil Payne wrote:
>> Yes, but the overriding idea of this group is that we are CHANGING the 
>> current overall look.  That may not be the goal, but it will be an 
>> outcome.  Therefore, rejecting ideas because they will make things 
>> different is not a working model.
> Actually, making choices that are uniform to the current look of 
> WordPress should be a guiding principle. We are not here to change the 
> current overall look at all; we're here to tidy up specific things that 
> could be a little better while staying within the current UI.
> j

I sit corrected. (Difficult to stand and use keyboard at same time.). 
However, a fear or loathing of change is a bad thing.

Uniformity is a good thing.  At least that was beaten into me in boot 
camp lo those many years ago.


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