[wp-polyglots] Persian translation disputes

José Fontainhas jfontainhas at gmail.com
Thu Jul 15 21:10:20 UTC 2010

Thank you


On 15 July 2010 22:07, Gonahkar <gonahkarblog at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi
> 1- This is my report on WP 3.0 status as you've asked about it: I released
> the full Persian translation for single-site WP 3.0 ten days ago, and
> multi-site WP 3.0 five days ago, so WP 3.0 is now fully translated into
> Persian by WP-Persian (our team). I'd like to emphasize on "full
> translation", because Mohammad's translation was full of errors and had so
> many untranslated strings (original English strings are copied without even
> being translated into Persian!), you can check the po file to see if I'm
> right or not. Furthermore, Their submitted translation includes only
> single-site WP 3.0 and not multi-site.
> 2- I have NOT received any kind of message from Mohammad. I should clearly
> emphasize ANY message. He has also left the two emails I've sent him,
> 3- I really want to solve this issue but I think Mohammad doesn't, since he
> has ignored all of my emails and has also used WP-Persian official name (in
> Persian) and logo in his site's header which is NOT approved by us and is
> against the copyright of name and logo.
> Regards
> Gonahkar [WP-Persian]
> 2010/7/15 José Fontainhas <jfontainhas at gmail.com>
>> Hi,
>> This is meant primarily for Gonahkar and Mohammad  who have been
>> contacting me directly off-list, in an effort to defend their side of
>> the issue.
>> I'm posting the question here, for either the both of them to discuss
>> it here, or else to discuss it among themselves. As I've repeatedly
>> told both, we have no ownership of a locale's translation community
>> and direct emails to me or Nikolay or chat pings simply aren't going
>> to gain you any favors, mainly because we have no favors to
>> distribute. We simply implement the tools and permissions a community
>> has chosen to use.
>> The situation as I see it:
>> - Gonahkar (by direct email) took over the dormant Persian translation
>> a while ago, intending to release 2.8
>> - Mohammad then announced (on this list), that he had a complete
>> translation of a 3.0 release
>> - Gonahkar (by direct email), indicated that said translation as full
>> of errors and that he was releasing WP 3.0 soon, no additional
>> validators were needed
>> - To which I told Mohammad to get in touch with the current Persian
>> community and talk to them about synchronizing efforts
>> - He apparently did, but with no success
>> - I asked Mohammad to explain the issue on this list, which he failed
>> to do, resorting instead to pinging me on chat everyday, several times
>> a day.
>> So:
>> - Please, please (pretty please, with cherry on top) talk to each
>> other, not me. I will not respond to any request made outside of  this
>> list.
>> - Gonahkar, could you tell the community about the status of the WP
>> 3.0 release? If you are having troubles, please ask for help
>> - Could you also answer Mohammad's questions, while you're at it?
>> - If there are doubts on where to join the wp-polyglots list, see:
>> http://lists.automattic.com/pipermail/wp-polyglots/
>> Again, this message requires *no* answer other than starting a dialogue.
>> Thanks
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