[wp-hackers] Wordpress GSoC idea: Mobile In-app Search for Posts, Pages, Comments

Shachar Tal scr.tal at gmail.com
Sun Mar 16 16:52:51 UTC 2014

I'm working on my proposal for GSoC 2014, I decided to take the search
posts and pages<https://codex.wordpress.org/GSoC2014#Mobile_In-app_Search_for_Posts.2C_Pages.2C_Comments>idea
for the iOS app.

>From UX prospective, how the user should enter to search mode:
1) From button inside the Me viewControllr navigation bar.
2) Cell inside the Me tabelView where Posts, Pages, Comment, etc.

Does the search is supposed to be local on the result from server, Or send
request to WP server.

If is a server request, I'm trying to investigate the API request and
response for receiving the search result of posts and pages.

For now I figure that the iOS app use XML-RPC protocol to communicate with
wordpress server.

>From the Blog.h object in the iOS app it uses the API call to get the post
list is "wp.getPostFormats". In the documentation I didn't find how to
filter the result by search string.

I read somewhere that WP XML-RPC have can run WP_Query but i didn't
understand how.

Could you refer me to information for how should I implement get posts list
filtered by search string?

TaL ShaChar

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