[wp-hackers] Wordpress GSoC idea: Mobile In-app Search for Posts, Pages, Comments

Eric Johnson eric at automattic.com
Mon Mar 17 16:02:24 UTC 2014

Hi Shachar,

The search can be local to what is cached in the app.

Feel free to stop by #wordpress-mobile in freenode IRC and chat with 
some of the app devs if you have questions. :)


On 3/16/14, 11:52 AM, Shachar Tal wrote:
> I'm working on my proposal for GSoC 2014, I decided to take the search
> posts and pages<https://codex.wordpress.org/GSoC2014#Mobile_In-app_Search_for_Posts.2C_Pages.2C_Comments>idea
> for the iOS app.
>  From UX prospective, how the user should enter to search mode:
> 1) From button inside the Me viewControllr navigation bar.
> 2) Cell inside the Me tabelView where Posts, Pages, Comment, etc.
> Does the search is supposed to be local on the result from server, Or send
> request to WP server.
> If is a server request, I'm trying to investigate the API request and
> response for receiving the search result of posts and pages.
> For now I figure that the iOS app use XML-RPC protocol to communicate with
> wordpress server.
>  From the Blog.h object in the iOS app it uses the API call to get the post
> list is "wp.getPostFormats". In the documentation I didn't find how to
> filter the result by search string.
> I read somewhere that WP XML-RPC have can run WP_Query but i didn't
> understand how.
> Could you refer me to information for how should I implement get posts list
> filtered by search string?
> Thanks

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