[wp-hackers] Wordpress Project GSOC '14

Eric Johnson eric at automattic.com
Mon Mar 17 19:03:27 UTC 2014

Hi Awais,

Its up to you to decide. :)  I suggest you look into what would be 
needed for each project, then decide which one you feel more comfortable 
with, and which one interests you the most.


On 3/17/14, 1:30 PM, Awais Imran wrote:
> Hey Eric and Aarushi,
> Awais Imran here (IRC: waisybabu). I was reading the conversation 
> between you, and Aarushi. I am interested in working on the WordPress 
> for Android app as well. For now, I am considering if I should work on 
> either 'Mobile In-App Search for Posts, Pages, and Comments' or 'View 
> Comments by Post', or both.
> I have beginner-level experience with Android development, having 
> co-developed a popular screenshot utility called 'ShotDrop'. It has 
> received over 25,000+ downloads on the Play Store, so far. I do not 
> consider myself an expert, but I am a quick, self-motivated learner.
> What would you recommend for me to do?

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