[wp-hackers] GSoC 2014: Form / Survey Plugin

Ian Dunn ian at iandunn.name
Mon Mar 3 14:56:57 UTC 2014

On 3/1/14, 5:41 PM, Ian Dunn wrote:
> On 2/27/14, 2:23 PM, Quincy Kwende wrote:
>> For the Form / Survey Plugin, here is a summary of my User Requirements:
>> [...]
>> I would be glad, if I can get advice and more ideas on the above
>> project in
>> order to have an awesome plugin.
> Don't worry too much about that at this phase; we'll get into details
> once an applicant is chosen. For now, just focus on learning more about
> WordPress development in general and working on some patches on the Core
> trac (if you want to work on a Core project), or the Meta trac (if you
> want to work on a Community project).

Actually, nevermind, I was wrong about that. The instructions on the 
Codex do say to work out the basic approach that you'd take. Some of the 
other discussions on the Forms project were getting too deep into the 
details, but yours was fine.

Your requirements are pretty good. A few things that are missing are: 
Question branching; pre-defined forms; And automating data entry from 
some form responses into WordCamp.org-specific custom post types. Check 
out the some of the other threads for details on those. Sharing forms on 
social media networks won't really be needed.

You're on the right track. The next thing I'd do would be to think about 
some of the implementation details. How will the data be stored? What 
parts of the WordPress API will you use? How will the admin place the 
form on their site? etc.

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