[wp-hackers] WordPress plugin inspections

Eric Hendrix hendronix at gmail.com
Thu Feb 20 04:46:01 UTC 2014

Hear, hear.

On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 8:05 PM, Chris Williams <chris at clwill.com> wrote:

> Let's see if I can summarize: you are using arbitrary criteria
> administered by people of unknown skill/experience and using the results
> to publicly condemn other people's work with an overly broad brush, and
> without any mechanism for recourse.  The result has no positive benefits.
> It demeans the plugin authors and their work, and by reflection your firm
> and its work, raises alarm in the community you claim to support, and
> garners you no goodwill.
> I'm sorry, but given the train wreck this has become, my best advice is
> precisely that: stop doing it.
> On 2/19/14 1:32 PM, "Harry Metcalfe" <harry at dxw.com> wrote:
> >But I do value the points you've made
> >and we will make some changes based upon then. I'd be keen to hear any
> >other feedback you might have later (short of "stop doing it"!)
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