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Jamie Currie jamie at wunderdojo.com
Wed Feb 19 20:50:41 UTC 2014

I totally understand the particular criticisms being made here, and 
agree 100% that if you're going to put out a review it should be 
thorough, transparent, have an ability for redress, etc.

Still, I think the basic concept has merit. Right now plugins are a bit 
like Russian Roulette -- install one, cross fingers, see what happens to 
site. And for those who don't program or have limited knowledge you're 
really taking a chance because you truly have to trust that what you're 
installing isn't introducing vulnerabilities that you'd have no way of 
discovering or remedying.

If I put out a plugin I'd love to have people on this list tear it apart 
so that I can improve it. And I'd love to see some sort of a good 
housekeeping seal for plugins that have undergone a more rigorous 

I haven't released any of my plugins publicly thus far -- they've all 
been for private client projects -- but I do have a handful I hope to 
put out this year. But as it stands, I have no skin in this game, just 
chipping in my opinion.

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>Hi Josh,
>Thanks for the heads-up. I've had a quick look at the github issue - 
>I'll reply to that feedback there.
>Regarding a private report - this isn't a vulnerability report. We do 
>those too (see the Advisories section) and we have a disclosure policy 
>for those which you can see here 
>Inspections are a very light touch thing, and we don't think they go 
>into enough detail to be able to make categorical claims about 
>vulnerability. The idea behind an inspection is to give a general sense 
>of the sorts of issues which might exist. I'm about to reply to Chris's 
>post with more explanation on that point.
>On 19/02/2014 19:45, Josh Pollock wrote:
>>I am the community manager for Pods we were made aware of your 
>>by a user who reported it in our GitHub issue tracker. Our leader
>>developer, Scott K. Clark, has responded to your claims, which we do 
>>consider to be fair, here:
>>I would encourage you to contact the developers of plugins before 
>>vulnerability reports. This sort of vague report doesn't help us 
>>our plugin, something we are constantly doing based on input from 
>>users. It
>>only serves to potentially confuse users.
>>Take care,
>>Josh Pollock
>>On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 1:43 PM, Harry Metcalfe <harry at dxw.com> wrote:
>>>Hello list,
>>>We write and publish light-touch inspections of WordPress plugins 
>>>that we
>>>do for our clients. They are just a guide - we conduct some basic 
>>>not a thorough review.
>>>Would plugins which fail this inspection be of general interest to 
>>>list and therefore worth posting? Is the list also interested in
>>>vulnerability advisories, or do people tend to get those elsewhere?
>>>Here's an example report:
>>>Grateful for a steer...
>>>Harry Metcalfe
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