[wp-hackers] GSoC2013: Designing Better Wordpress App for Windows 8 PC/Slate.

akshat kumar singh akshatsince1993 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 13:13:20 UTC 2013


Congratulations for being part of GSoC13.

I'm Akshat  Kumar Singh, doing my Bachelors in Computer Engineering from
University Of Pune, India.

I have my own project idea related to mobile app. I have named it as:-

"Designing Better Wordpress App for Windows 8 PC/Slate".

What are my concerns with current Wordpress App on Windows 8?

   1. The current app is too laggy to be usable (Unstable and Crashes).
   2. Layout is beautiful but less features are making it a peace of crap
   (has far less features than its sister apps on iOS and Android).
   3. App is not utilizing all features of Windows 8(lack of 'Top app bar',
   'likes, and comments live push notification on start menu').

Conclusion: Wordpress App needs a strong update.

How and why I think I can be useful?

   1. I Have developed many Windows 8 App which includes Maps App(
   2. Maps App was one of the top app on windows 8 for a month (overall
   free apps).
   3. I have used HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3 for all my apps, and
   luckily current Wordpress App is using the same technologies.

Conclusion: I can put my expertise to improve Wordpress App.

What are the features, I'd like to add?

   1. My top priority would be to make the App stable.
   2. I’d also like to add Dashboard, Stats and Comment page on the app.
   3. I’d also like to add many small features like push notification
   service, multiple local drafts capability, capability to switch between
   different blogs from charm setting.

Conclusion: Decreasing the gap between the current Wordpress App on Windows
8 from its sister’s apps on iOS and Android Platform.

Problem I want to solve?

This project will result into a perfect companion for the Wordpress
bloggers out there on Windows 8.Thus making millions of bloggers happy.

Please provide feedback for the scope of this project. Hoping for positive

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