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Wed Apr 10 08:04:05 UTC 2013

Hey Udit,

If you got time  today you should try to visit the mobile meetup later today on IRC. I don't know if GSoc getting discussed but I guess it's good to show your interest there.
For the time try this link: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Mobile+Dev+Chat&iso=20130410T08&p1=224&ah=1


Op 10 apr. 2013, om 08:47 heeft Udit Saxena <saxena.udit at gmail.com> het volgende geschreven:

> *
> Hi. I am Udit Saxena from BITS Pilani, India. I’m currently doing my
> bachelors in Computer Science and master in Mathematics.
> I’m interested in applying for GSoC under Wordpress. I have experience in
> C/C++, Python, Java, MySql, HTML5, CSS along with basic PHP, Javascript and
> Jquery.
> I’ve gone through the list of projects and ideas on your page and I’ve
> listed the ones I’m interested in:
> 1. Create a simple native web app for Blackberry 10: the Blackberry API
> supports Apps built in HTML5 using webworks, which can then be pushed onto
> their tablet or phones. I have experience in HTML5 and consider this an
> amazing opportunity to contribute to an up and coming app base (BB10 OS). I
> am currently getting familiar with webworks, their HTML5 platform. Can this
> be a potential summer project ?
> 2. Photo instant upload to Google+/Facebook/Dropbox for the wordpress
> mobile app: Something like this can be incorporated in the above idea. I am
> not familiar with either of Android's or iOS's NDKs but is something I can
> look into under some guidance.
> 3. Port wordpress for webOS to Ubuntu Mobile. Though not familiar with
> webOS, Ubuntu mobile development also provides app deployment in HTML5 or
> QML or an integration of both. I plan to learn to get around their
> development suite in a day or two.
> I am quite enthusiastic about app deployment in both BB10 OS and Ubuntu
> Mobile in HTML5. Something I will really look forward to for the summer.
> I am still getting a hang of your codebase and plan to submit a patch or
> fix a bug by this weekend.
> Can you guide me to (potential) mentors for the above mentioned projects ?
> Thanks.
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> Udit Saxena
> Student, BITS Pilani,
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