[wp-hackers] GSOC 2013 Introduction and Project Discussion

Udit Saxena saxena.udit at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 06:47:25 UTC 2013


Hi. I am Udit Saxena from BITS Pilani, India. I’m currently doing my
bachelors in Computer Science and master in Mathematics.

I’m interested in applying for GSoC under Wordpress. I have experience in
C/C++, Python, Java, MySql, HTML5, CSS along with basic PHP, Javascript and

I’ve gone through the list of projects and ideas on your page and I’ve
listed the ones I’m interested in:

1. Create a simple native web app for Blackberry 10: the Blackberry API
supports Apps built in HTML5 using webworks, which can then be pushed onto
their tablet or phones. I have experience in HTML5 and consider this an
amazing opportunity to contribute to an up and coming app base (BB10 OS). I
am currently getting familiar with webworks, their HTML5 platform. Can this
be a potential summer project ?

2. Photo instant upload to Google+/Facebook/Dropbox for the wordpress
mobile app: Something like this can be incorporated in the above idea. I am
not familiar with either of Android's or iOS's NDKs but is something I can
look into under some guidance.

3. Port wordpress for webOS to Ubuntu Mobile. Though not familiar with
webOS, Ubuntu mobile development also provides app deployment in HTML5 or
QML or an integration of both. I plan to learn to get around their
development suite in a day or two.

I am quite enthusiastic about app deployment in both BB10 OS and Ubuntu
Mobile in HTML5. Something I will really look forward to for the summer.

I am still getting a hang of your codebase and plan to submit a patch or
fix a bug by this weekend.

Can you guide me to (potential) mentors for the above mentioned projects ?



Udit Saxena
Student, BITS Pilani,

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