[wp-hackers] GSOC 2013 Introduction and Project Discussion

Udit Saxena saxena.udit at gmail.com
Sat Apr 13 19:23:11 UTC 2013

So while developing the first draft of the gsoc application, I had a few
The idea is: to develop a BB10 native application.
Some of these questions have risen as I am following the codex sample
application template.
1. This one got resolved on IRC with aerych :) :The current wordpress for
bb10 is an android port.
> so no native access to BB10 OS.

2. Will this app, after it has been developed, be part of core ?

3. What will be the scope of the app ? What should it be able to do ? The
final aim of the project.
Currently I was thinking that it should be able to :

   1. Post an article.
   2. Upload a picture.

Should being able to access your account be on the list ? Comments, stats ?
Account settings ?

4. About documenting the proposal on a wordpress powered site: my blog on
wordpress.com counts right ?
5. Will the project include all design elements of a mobile app ? It should.

Udit Saxena
Student, BITS Pilani,

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