[wp-hackers] Wordpress SSO

Brian Layman wp-hackers at thecodecave.com
Thu Nov 29 01:39:55 UTC 2012

Yeah the Open ID probably won't provide you with that sign in once and 
access both sites feature.

SimpleSAML works and works well once you get it set up, but it can be a 
bear to do so.  It's a heavy system and there is a learning curve.  To 
save you from one headache, I recommend one thing - if you do any kind 
of load balancing, I strongly recommend you configure a shared memcache 
server for your sessions.  WordPress doesn't usually deal with sessions, 
but simple saml does.  With that information kept server side,  if you 
have a single side load balanced between several machines, you can find 
yourself suddenly logged out when the load on one machine bounces you to 
a different machine mid session.

Brian Layman

On 11/28/2012 7:36 PM, Malte Witt wrote:
> That's an interesting alternative to SAML. Thank's for the link.
> But as far as I understand this plugin can by default also only be 
> used for shared authentification (meaning that two applications share 
> the same user-database), or do you use it for 'real' SSO? (With that I 
> mean that the user is automatically logged in to both applications if 
> he logs in to one of them.)
> Sorry, if it's somehow confusing, but I'm trying to achieve the 
> latter. :-)

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