[wp-hackers] Wordpress SSO

Ryan McCue lists at rotorised.com
Thu Nov 29 03:43:24 UTC 2012

Malte Witt wrote:
> All plugins I found so far that match "sso" are in fact doing shared
> authentification and no 'real' sso at all, but I want to login to
> wordpress A and then surf to wordpress B and still be logged in (or be
> automatically logged in to wordpress B in that second).

The question is, are these on the same domain, but different subdomains?
If they are on the same domain, then you can set various constants
relating to the cookie domain, etc. [1] [2]

[2]: http://betterwp.net/282-wordpress-constants/ (see #3)

If not, you'll have to invent your own solution, since cookies can't be
shared cross-domain. I know WordPress.com used to have a special
solution for this for their external domain sites, but I can't seem to
find that anywhere now. Basically: load in Javascript or an iframe from
the original domain which has access to those cookies, then use that to
set the cookies on the domain you're on.

Ryan McCue

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