[wp-hackers] Wordpress SSO

Malte Witt m.witt at ia-sh.de
Thu Nov 29 00:36:43 UTC 2012

That's an interesting alternative to SAML. Thank's for the link.

But as far as I understand this plugin can by default also only be used 
for shared authentification (meaning that two applications share the 
same user-database), or do you use it for 'real' SSO? (With that I mean 
that the user is automatically logged in to both applications if he logs 
in to one of them.)

Sorry, if it's somehow confusing, but I'm trying to achieve the latter. :-)

Am 29.11.2012 01:20, schrieb Paolo Tresso:
> Il giorno 29/nov/2012, alle ore 01:05, Malte Witt ha scritto:
>> Thank's for your reply. I already thought about this and wanted to use SimpleSAMLphp (wordpress A would be the Identity Provider in that case).
>> There already is a plugin for this http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/simplesamlphp-authentication/ but I didn't had a look at it yet.
>> Actually - as outlined in my previous mail - I'm already stuck before getting that far in the login process. ;-)
> Hi,
> I don't know if this can fit your scenario, but we usually link two WordPress by OpenID,
> making WordPress A an authority provider and using that to authenticate on WordPress B..
> There's an excellent plugin out there for that:
> http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/openid/
> Hope it helps!
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