[wp-hackers] WordPress install homepage redirecting to /wp-admin/install.php

Almog Baku almog.baku at gmail.com
Sun Jul 29 08:14:10 UTC 2012

You may try to check your htaccess files:

בתאריך יום ראשון, 29 ביולי 2012, Aero Maxx כתב:

> Hello All,
> I have had wordpress installed on a local development machine running
> fedora for several years now but for some reason just recently when I go to
> www.domain.dev the url changes to www.domain.dev/wp-admin/**install.php
> The contents of the page show what I expected it to show, so the content
> is correct just the url changes as above and for the life of me I have been
> unable to debug as to why.
> I have tried installing it into a folder /wordpress as per the codex it
> still does it, have tried changing the tables from InnoDB to MyISAM as
> InnoDB is the new default on the mysql server version i'm using.
> When I upload the same files to the live site they work fine no url
> changing funny business going on so it is something thats local to that
> machine, but what on earth could be causing this issue any ideas ?
> Where is the code in the wordpress files that check and cause this type of
> redirect so i can debug this further and fix whats causing the issue.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
> Daniel.
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