[wp-hackers] WordPress install homepage redirecting to /wp-admin/install.php

Aero Maxx aero.maxx.d at gmail.com
Sun Jul 29 08:10:55 UTC 2012

Hello All,

I have had wordpress installed on a local development machine running 
fedora for several years now but for some reason just recently when I go 
to www.domain.dev the url changes to www.domain.dev/wp-admin/install.php

The contents of the page show what I expected it to show, so the content 
is correct just the url changes as above and for the life of me I have 
been unable to debug as to why.

I have tried installing it into a folder /wordpress as per the codex it 
still does it, have tried changing the tables from InnoDB to MyISAM as 
InnoDB is the new default on the mysql server version i'm using.

When I upload the same files to the live site they work fine no url 
changing funny business going on so it is something thats local to that 
machine, but what on earth could be causing this issue any ideas ?

Where is the code in the wordpress files that check and cause this type 
of redirect so i can debug this further and fix whats causing the issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!


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