[wp-hackers] Better approach for post formats

Andrés Sanhueza peroyomaslists at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 01:07:51 UTC 2011

> Even your own ideas of what fields to use are non-standard. Many
> people only put "status" in the title field. I see that a fair amount,
> actually, and have had to make plugin changes to accommodate people
> who do that.

I'm aware of that. That was the whole problem I tried to expose :)

I somewhat believe that only a single additional standard text field
is needed to standardize everything, thought. The excerpt may do but
it's like an overload.

> Though, I understand completely the reasoning. As you noted: Post Formats
> really are simply a custom taxonomy, wrapped with some dedicated template
> tags. But, I think they've been around long enough - and have seen
> widespread-enough adoption - for a data-entry convention to be defined.

I posted my complain to WordPress ideas when 3.1 was not even launched
and everything was still draft. That summed by the fact the thing is
both "not extensible" by the user and developers have other priorities
makes it feel like a crummy artifact that it's hard to ignore. I
always hope more dedication to fix bugs and make everything more
framework-like instead of releasing new little incomplete features
that, besides all the buzz, don't blend with the rest. :(

Andrés Sanhueza

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