[wp-hackers] How to make root relative urls work in, , subdomain

Marty Fried public.forums at gmail.com
Sat Nov 5 01:38:02 UTC 2011

On Thu, Nov 3, 2011 at 8:37 AM, Marcus Pope <Marcus.Pope at springbox.com>wrote:

> Marty - it is a very good solution for a good percentage of people (I hate
> to say majority because mobile devices are becoming so popular,) but if you
> have to browse or manage your dev site via your iPhone or Android device
> you'll find that there are no options for editing your hosts files on those
> platforms (well, you can on android if you jailbreak/root the device.)
> In those cases you have to rely on a more robust approach using a
> higher-end wifi router that allows you do make network wide mappings, or
> customize it with a local network dns address (and then you have to build
> and manage your own dns server.)  Many home and small business wifi routers
> do not give you these options, and in this case you are left with pushing
> to production before you can test any work on a mobile platform.
> But it's a good, quick option indeed when you can get away with it.
> I see.  One way I get around this is using dynDNS.  I have an account that
I pay for, a very small amount that I originally got so I could demo sites
without uploading to a public web site.  One nice feature is that you can
create sub-domains on the fly, and dyndns will automatically send it to the
main domain.  This allows me to set up a virtual domain in apache for the
subdomain, so that it automatically becomes a root-level domain.

I'm fairly low volume so far, but if it gets to be too much trouble, I'd
create a shell script using sed to automatically create and delete entries
in the apache config file (I've been a programmer for many years, but just
started doing web development in the past year or so, so writing scripts is
pretty easy for me).

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