[wp-hackers] opinions for a multi-language plugin for WordPress

Jeremy Clarke jer at simianuprising.com
Tue Feb 15 23:18:55 UTC 2011

On Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 4:39 PM, Leo germani <leogermani at gmail.com> wrote:

> About the Multi Site alternative, I was thought of it (and used it) as a
> work around. Does this plugin you mention that saves relationships between
> posts in the different subsites exists? If not, it seems quite easy to do,
> but then I think its another plugin, not this one Im describing. I mean, I
> dont think its possible to do both things with the same plugin.
The plugin I use is not available but there is a much simpler version that
shows the effect:


AFAIK all it does is give you a postmeta field for 'other language' and
display the results on the post, but in many cases that is the only thing
you really need to turn two seperate sites into translations of each other.

What it's missing is things like tracking the original author of some
content separate from it's translator, and the ability to handle more than 2
languages with any kind of grace.

I agree that my multisite approach shouldn't necessarily be part of a plugin
designed for single-site, as a lot of the logic is totally seperate. I think
in theory you could have one plugin that did both, so it's possible, but
it's not really desirable to mix them together.

Jeremy Clarke
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