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Thu Mar 25 09:28:57 UTC 2010

In message <e1202cb11003241119jc9e3cf8y47e26c8438dcd836 at mail.gmail.com>, 
Jeremy Clarke <jer at simianuprising.com> writes
>I'm not sure how hot I am for a karma system, it seems kind of
>awkward. If nothing else it should definitely be designed with the
>goal of making awesome contributors shine a little extra without
>making anyone look bad or inactive.

Aye.  It would seem like a very difficult thing to achieve, would that. 
At least, to achieve fairly.  I moderate both the Codex and the forums, 
and it would pain me greatly to see someone getting karma points for 
spamming the forum / codex with useless bilge that is fit for the trash 
can, whilst quality responses that take a lot of time to craft "only" 
make 1 karma point.

Perhaps there could be some rating system applied to forum responses, or 
note could be taken over when an answer "resolves" a problem.

Then of course you have the question of how you assign karma for things 
such as time spent editing codex pages, or even moderating the forums 
(not that I'd particularly want such notoriety, but some folk might.)

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