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Stas Sușcov stas at nerd.ro
Wed Mar 24 19:08:34 UTC 2010

În data de Mi, 24-03-2010 la 14:19 -0400, Jeremy Clarke a scris:
> My biggest request would be to handle various activities more
> accurately, especially WRT trac and codex. Any tiny change I make on
> the forum is noted in detail but only new trac tickets created are
> marked. I'd like to see trac comments or at least patch uploads listed
> there, as that is often a better marker of activity than new tickets.
> Similarly any  edit on the codex is worth at least as much as a forum
> post, so those should be logged as well.

You're right, the main goal is to achieve all the user activities
mirrored and the integration with trac will surely take the biggest
slice in the work that has to be done. I'm also familiar with python
programming language, so if there will be something trac can't offer,
we'll hack it.

> Another small change would be to show numbers next to the links to
> different activity types at the top. That would cover a lot of ground
> in terms of quickly seeing how much stuff people are doing, as well as
> making it easy to check a specific one (like how many codex edits or
> how many trac patches).

Well, we said before that stuff like that can be just tagged and after
filtered. (I saw nice tagging on stack overflow,
ex:http://stackoverflow.com/users/4/joel-spolsky ). I believe showing
how many times a user was tagged in `patching` won't be a problem. (ex.
Codex (3 edits), WordPress (30 commits, 10 comments, 2 patches, 1 bug),
Plugins (3 projects), bbPress (1 patch, 10 comments). If I'll manage to
correctly store everything in the db, it will be very easy to show up
the results.

I think my first thing that will be is to sit and decide what services
will be indexed and what kind of activities those will provide, and the
second one is to decide what is the best way to store it in the db
preserving relationships. A good thing is that WordPress uses a lot of
trac, so hacking it in one place will help me everywhere I will have to
deal with code management. 

> I'm not sure how hot I am for a karma system, it seems kind of
> awkward. If nothing else it should definitely be designed with the
> goal of making awesome contributors shine a little extra without
> making anyone look bad or inactive.

Yep, as Justin mentioned, `people like karma points` so it's just an
easy way of showing an active user participation.

Thank you. Hope to hear more and more thoughts on this topic.
For example an interesting thing will be to also index the IRC
participation. I can see a lot of traffic on #wp and #wp-dev, I believe
there are guys who will never contribute to codex, but If you'll ask on
IRC, they will surely help you. Also, a mate from wp-ru (Sulatan, hope
I'm not wrong) asked some weeks ago if it's possible to show up in his
profile the locale site/forums participation. Such aspects of the idea
are also interesting.

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