[wp-hackers] comments should be a plugin

kaiiser 24-7 at gmx.net
Sun Mar 7 04:42:42 UTC 2010

> And the fact that something "amsuses Matt" surely isn't relevant to anything...


> Because it amuses Matt? Well, if it amuses Matt and he wants to keep
> it in, give it real functionality, like the ability to set an RSS feed
> to pull random lines from (which could contain links and such). By
> default it would do the Hello Dolly stuff, but then it'd let users
> easily see how a plugin can really work. Just my opinion :) -Scott

again: +1

Adding functionality would be step one to give the plugin enough
relevance to keep it in core (outside from someones personal feelings
about this).

> Removing the classic theme from the core does not break anything in
> terms of compatibility... people can still download it from
> Wordpress.org.

So true. Same to "Hello Kitty"-Plugins.

> I'm -1 on canonicalizing "Posts" and "Comments" but I am +1 on removing any hardcoded references to them in core.

-1. Where is the argument? I give you an example for what an argument
is: less bandwidth = greener planet...

> functionalities activated by default but with an easy way of turning them off

+1: let the user decide. On all variations (in usage) i have now seen
for wordpress, "Canonical Plugins" is not only a term (that should get
a TM-Sign on the upper right) anymore. It's an idea. A beautiful one
that will satisfy everybody. It doesn't take anything from anyone, but
it gives everbody one important thing: The freedom to decide what he/
she wants and what not. A pretty democratic, individual and therefor
appropriate approach for free, community driven, open source software.

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