[wp-hackers] comments should be a plugin

John O'Nolan john.wp at onolan.org
Sun Mar 7 04:20:43 UTC 2010

Removing the classic theme from the core does not break anything in  
terms of compatibility... people can still download it from  

And the fact that something "amsuses Matt" surely isn't relevant to  


On 7 Mar 2010, at 04:04, Dougal Campbell wrote:

> On Mar 6 2010 9:41 PM, John O'Nolan wrote:
>> If pointless stuff like HelloDolly and the Classic theme was also  
>> removed there would be more space for canonical plugins.. so +1 there
> You can be pretty sure that the Classic theme will stay for  
> backwards-compatibility reasons, because people may have built child  
> themes based on it.
> And you can be pretty sure that Hello Dolly will remain because it  
> amuses Matt :)
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