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Andy Charrington-Wilden andycharrington at gmail.com
Sun Dec 12 10:26:30 UTC 2010

Really? The gpl license is wordpress plugin specific?? 

I'm surprised to hear you say you don't care about providing information regarding premium plugin development. I hope that is not the general consensus here??

I agree that neither .org nor gpl prohibit profiting. However what seems to be unclear is how and if we protect our code. It appears to be more of a moral issue? Some one earlier mentioned common sense being objective. I totally agree. What you (as a seasoned wp dev) may deem common sense another less experienced dev may view differently. 

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On 12 Dec 2010, at 09:33, Michael Torbert <mrtorbert at gmail.com> wrote:

>> Please correct me if I'm wrong but
>> http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/about/ seems to imply that a plugin
>> has to be gpl compatible to be hosted on .org. It does not say that a plugin
>> not hosted on .org has to be gpl compatible. Does it?
> The GPL license says that.
>> It seems that profiting from plugins is a bit of a taboo subject. Is this
>> because it is genuinely frowned upon by the community or because it is
>> actually against the ethos of wordpress. Which may be the same thing.
>> No to all.
>> It is interesting to me that there is little online regarding premium
>> plugin development.
> What information exactly do you think there should be about commercial
> plugin development? That isn't the responsibility or concern of
> wordpress.org. We don't care as long as you abide by the GPL, and by the
> rules of wordpress.org, neither of which prohibit profiting.
>> Should wordpress (matt) simply take a stance on premium plugins? Has he
>> already?
>> Again, it's not his concern all the details of what you do with your
> plugins, as long as you don't violate the license. I'm not sure what other
> "stance" you're looking for from him. He isn't at all opposed to commercial
> plugins, or to making money from WordPress-based services, products, etc.
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