[wp-hackers] Premium plugin protection

Michael Torbert mrtorbert at gmail.com
Sun Dec 12 10:40:24 UTC 2010

> Really? The gpl license is wordpress plugin specific??
> No. I didn't say that.

> I'm surprised to hear you say you don't care about providing information
> regarding premium plugin development. I hope that is not the general
> consensus here??
> I didn't say that. I asked what information about premium plugin
development you think should be provided. I said that we don't care what you
do as long as you're abiding by the rules, guidelines, license, etc.

> I agree that neither .org nor gpl prohibit profiting. However what seems to
> be unclear is how and if we protect our code. It appears to be more of a
> moral issue? Some one earlier mentioned common sense being objective. I
> totally agree. What you (as a seasoned wp dev) may deem common sense another
> less experienced dev may view differently.
> "protect our code" You may not be understanding what open source is. Code
isn't "protected" like in some other environments. The whole idea of open
source is that the code is open and free to all. If this isn't what you're
looking for, open source development, and by extension WordPress
development, may not be for you. I haven't called anything common sense.

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