[wp-hackers] Switching from SVN

Ryan McCue lists at rotorised.com
Fri Dec 10 08:53:22 UTC 2010

Eric Mann wrote:
> Mercurial works its way backwards from each changeset to the common ancestor
> of both branches.  By moving through every change, it can build a much
> fuller picture of how each files has changed - even if two developers change
> the same line of code!  It's not magic, and you'll still run into the
> occasional conflict, but they're not anywhere near as common as with SVN.

Git works the same way, and you can configure your merging tool (p4merge
is nice) to show the common root of the two.

The point is though, both Mercurial and Git spawned from Linux, where
branches are very common and merging is done often, so they're both
designed specifically to merge well. SVN was not (AFAIK).

Ironically, one thing Git really doesn't have is a nice merging tool for
conflicts, and the Git developers are aware of that. I use p4merge
personally, as I find it to be pretty useful, but I think TortoiseGit
probably includes the standard TortoiseMerge tool. Command line git is
horrible for it though (unless you like vimdiff).

Ryan McCue

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