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Peter Westwood peter.westwood at ftwr.co.uk
Sun Aug 22 08:57:38 UTC 2010

On 22 Aug 2010, at 03:03, Lox wrote:

> Github pull requests feature is a killer one that really is missing in
> wp.org (tell me if I am wrong), and thus prevents developers to contribute
> to other plugins. Why? Because it is a pain with SVN!
> For those not knowing about it, github allows ANY developers to fork ANY
> project with ONE CLICK, to modify and commit on its fork and then, with ONE
> CLICK, to send a pull request to the dev that can easily import all or part
> of the commits:
> # git merge forked_repo (hey easy, isn't it?)

Personally I find the git workflow which encourages everyone to fork an exceptionally bad way to build a community around some code.

It also seems to lead to the situation where you can search for a project and find that there are 10s of different source code repositories and it is not always obvious which is the real one and which are the personal forks.

Collaborative development works exceptionally well with subversion - yes git /may/ have some stuff which makes certain scenarios easier for certain people but it is not the best revision control system by a long stretch and has a much higher barrier to entry that subversion does for new developers.

> *How wp.org is know, fraining development and innovation whereas much better
> exists. *
> A simple example: I corrected about all error notices on Otto's SFC plugin
> and I have added French locales. I put the code on github and sent him a
> mail to add my changes to his plugin. Bu he did not... Why? Most certainly
> because it is a pain with how wp.org is, who wouldn't apply commits that fix
> error notices?

Maybe you should have sent him a patch file instead against the svn repository.

That way you would have made it as easy as possible for him to apply your changes rather than expect him to possibly learn a new tool just to get your changes.

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