[wp-hackers] WP.org plugin repository - multiple users

Lox lox.dev at knc.nc
Sun Aug 22 02:03:31 UTC 2010

2010/8/20 Otto <otto at ottodestruct.com>:
> Yes, that.
> Adding them to the admin panel gives them commit access.
> Adding them to the readme puts their name in the description area.
> Protip: always use your wp.org login name in the author area of the
> readme. Makes things work better. Not actually *required*, but it just
> works better in the long run.
> -Otto


Github pull requests feature is a killer one that really is missing in
wp.org (tell me if I am wrong), and thus prevents developers to contribute
to other plugins. Why? Because it is a pain with SVN!

For those not knowing about it, github allows ANY developers to fork ANY
project with ONE CLICK, to modify and commit on its fork and then, with ONE
CLICK, to send a pull request to the dev that can easily import all or part
of the commits:

# git merge forked_repo (hey easy, isn't it?)

That is a killer feature that allows painless contribution to projects from
ANY Dev (not only specific contributor) and the main Dev keeps the control
of what he commits from pull requests. Gerrit is even better at that, it
allow easier code submit and review before merge. For example, as part of
the CyanogenMod team (we develop an enhanced Android OS version), we've seen
a significant augmentation of contributions when we switched from gerrit fro
code submission and review.

*How wp.org is know, fraining development and innovation whereas much better
exists. *

A simple example: I corrected about all error notices on Otto's SFC plugin
and I have added French locales. I put the code on github and sent him a
mail to add my changes to his plugin. Bu he did not... Why? Most certainly
because it is a pain with how wp.org is, who wouldn't apply commits that fix
error notices?

Just my two cents.

lox.dev at knc.nc

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