[wp-hackers] Options for Controller - Views

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Thu Nov 19 07:08:11 UTC 2009

For an upcoming project, I need something that doesn't suck in the realm 
of either a content management that can easily be extended without a 
bunch of hacks or a framework. The goal is quick modification and 
development from A to B, meaning the least amount of framework building 
and maintenance on my end. So I have two options, either use a framework 
(Code Igniter) or WordPress.

Assuming that I'm going with WordPress, I need an easier controller to 
work with and a system that handles views better. Something WordPress 
does poorly. Thus, I can think of the following options:

1. Rewrite the WP_Rewrite

A full rewrite would allow for creating something that learns from the 
"mistakes" of the current implementation with emphasis of being easy to 
work with and allow for an view to be part of the flow. This would take 
the most time and require the most testing. I'd say it would take a week 
or two to complete (development and testing).

2. Modify Existing WP_Rewrite

I'm not sure why it is just so convoluted to get working. I'm sure that 
if I was able to get it working just once, that it would be great, 
however, the views is still something that would require correcting. 
Creating a hack around it just isn't all that clean with development and 
I would guess that it would be better for those who extend WordPress in 
cool and fun ways.

So what do you guys think? I take issue that it requires intensive 
training and large amount of BS before you can get the Rewrite to work. 
On other frameworks, it simple and extremely easy to add rewrite paths. 
Partly because this is loaded at the beginning without the need to 
hijack Wp_Query.

Jacob Santos

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