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Dan Phiffer dan at phiffer.org
Thu Nov 19 14:02:54 UTC 2009

Hi Jacob,

We were faced with a similar choice for a recently launched blog at MoMA.org 
. We ended up going with WordPress for CMS functions and handling the  
routing/views in our existing Ruby on Rails setup. I've released the  
plugin that allows the content to be shared: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/json-api/

It's already in production use here:


On Nov 19, 2009, at 2:08 AM, Jacob Santos wrote:

> For an upcoming project, I need something that doesn't suck in the  
> realm of either a content management that can easily be extended  
> without a bunch of hacks or a framework. The goal is quick  
> modification and development from A to B, meaning the least amount  
> of framework building and maintenance on my end. So I have two  
> options, either use a framework (Code Igniter) or WordPress.
> Assuming that I'm going with WordPress, I need an easier controller  
> to work with and a system that handles views better. Something  
> WordPress does poorly. Thus, I can think of the following options:
> 1. Rewrite the WP_Rewrite
> A full rewrite would allow for creating something that learns from  
> the "mistakes" of the current implementation with emphasis of being  
> easy to work with and allow for an view to be part of the flow. This  
> would take the most time and require the most testing. I'd say it  
> would take a week or two to complete (development and testing).
> 2. Modify Existing WP_Rewrite
> I'm not sure why it is just so convoluted to get working. I'm sure  
> that if I was able to get it working just once, that it would be  
> great, however, the views is still something that would require  
> correcting. Creating a hack around it just isn't all that clean with  
> development and I would guess that it would be better for those who  
> extend WordPress in cool and fun ways.
> So what do you guys think? I take issue that it requires intensive  
> training and large amount of BS before you can get the Rewrite to  
> work. On other frameworks, it simple and extremely easy to add  
> rewrite paths. Partly because this is loaded at the beginning  
> without the need to hijack Wp_Query.
> Jacob Santos
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