[wp-hackers] Creating a user-generated collaborative (i.e., crowd-sourced) project using WP

Mark Cunningham mark.cunningham at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 15:53:55 GMT 2009

2009/3/12 Keith Solomon <ksolomon at gmail.com>:
> You could also use the awesome TDO Mini Forms plugin
> (http://thedeadone.net/software/tdo-mini-forms-wordpress-plugin/).  I used
> it on a client site that wanted reader-submitted news stories for his site,
> and it worked beautifully.

I'd double that (but hey I'm the author of the plugin). You could
create a very simple form that appears on your theme that doesn't
require visitors to log in before they post or have access to the
Wordpress backend. It gets passed through Akismet to prevent spam
submissions or you can turn on moderation if you want.

If you have the info as posts in Wordpress then, you can leverage tons
of Wordpress plugins and themes to make it searchable and accessible.


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