[wp-hackers] Creating a user-generated collaborative (i.e., crowd-sourced) project using WP

Keith Solomon ksolomon at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 15:45:09 GMT 2009

You could also use the awesome TDO Mini Forms plugin 
(http://thedeadone.net/software/tdo-mini-forms-wordpress-plugin/).  I 
used it on a client site that wanted reader-submitted news stories for 
his site, and it worked beautifully.

aesqe wrote:
> I'm a bit confused here, Doug, because...
> On 12.3.2009 12:01, Doug Stewart wrote:
>> I need a minimum of overhead for the users to be able to
>> submit information, so just setting up a blog, allowing registrations 
>> and
>> then doing a custom write page isn't really going to cut it.
> ...and then you list option 2), which to me sounds exactly like a 
> custom write page :)
>> 2) Create a form that has the full privileges of an Author role and 
>> allow
>> folks submissions to actually go in as full-fledged posts.
> Why not go with that?
> Create a custom write page with predefined custom fields, categories 
> and/or tags and let your users write a post which can be submitted for 
> moderation (or not, depends on your goal).
> You could either create an external page (or a function, a widget...) 
> for this, or "hack" admin's design (custom header and footer, unset 
> all unnecessary menu items) so your users don't see a difference 
> between admin and frontend.

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