[wp-hackers] Importing HTML files as pages -- been done?

MLA mailinglistaddy at nerdshack.com
Sat Feb 7 08:05:36 GMT 2009

Stephanie Leary wrote:

> I'm thinking of working on a plugin to import HTML files as pages,
> ideally preserving the directory structure in the page hierarchy.


I have the opposite problem and can't find a solution. I need to convert a WP 
site to static HTML pages. In case anyone is wondering why, it's a local govt 
site for a now defunct organisation that will never be updated again but has to 
be kept alive for three years (legal/archive reasons). Removing WP would reduce 
maintenance to almost zero. I could sit and manually save and clean up 600+ 
pages  but it would take longer than the current maintenance time. No amount of 
searching has so far come up with a usable solution but if anyone knows of a way 
I'd be eternally (well, three years) grateful.

Thanks in advance.


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