[wp-hackers] Wordpress as a CMS

Jean-Patrick Smith chicagowebdev at gmail.com
Sat Dec 19 02:44:18 UTC 2009

> > Tell me, would you rate PodsCMS above Flutter? Used Flutter recently
> > for the
> > first time, found good and bad, so curious for next major project.

PodsCMS is definately better because it doesn't use the post_meta table. For
content type you create, it creates a new table based on the attributes
you've specified when setting it up.


I wouldn't personally recommend either plugin, for a variety of
> reasons, but specifically because they break with the WP Core
> architecture in significant ways.
> - Eric Marden (Jean-Patrick Smith)

They don't break the core directly, it's just a cms that uses the wordpress
admin basically. And some wordpress functions, but as Mike said below, how
would you achieve it otherwise?

Wordpress as a CMS is only feasible if you do it the PodsCMS way, you can't
really scale well using the other CMS plugins that just make
editing/displaying meta values easier.

Interesting. In your opinion how would a plugin have to impement the
> functionality of Pods/Flutter while still maintaining the WP Core
> architecture? (this is an honest question, not a baited one.)
> -Mike

You can only do it those two ways. I guess you could make it text based and
save your generated files to the filesystem... but that's about it:

   1. Store everything in custom created tables like podscms
   2. Store everything in the posts_meta table
   3. Create or implement a templating language and save generated files and
   settings to the filesystem

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