[wp-hackers] Plugin Privacy Option (was Revisiting phone home and privacy)

Lynne Pope lynne.pope at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 08:44:13 UTC 2009

I like this idea very much. +100 from me.


2009/12/10 Chris Jean <gaarai at gaarai.com>

> I thought of including this in my response to the main topic, but it would
> just get lost in there.
> At some point in the conversation, the idea of sharing plugin data for all
> plugins and not just plugins from the repo was shared. I pondered on this
> for a bit, and I think I have a good solution to this problem.
> To me, the only solution for plugin updates is for the server to send what
> it has since any other option would be highly-inefficient or very error
> prone. So, why not add the ability for a plugin to opt out of having its
> information included in the update request? This should only require a
> minimal change to the update code and won't require any changes to the
> update servers.
> Here's an example of what such a privacy entry would look like in a plugin:
> Plugin Name: Internal Plugin
> Plugin URI: http://itsasecret.com/
> Description: This is not just a plugin, it symbolizes the plans and secrets
> of an entire corporation summed up in a plugin name.
> Author: Bernard Madoff
> Version: 7.2.1
> Author URI: http://thisisalsoasecret.com/
> Disable Updates: yes
> Of course, the exact phrase to use is open to discussion. I just wanted to
> introduce the idea.
> If people like this idea, I can work on a patch to put on trac.
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