[wp-hackers] Not Feeling Crazyhorse

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Sun Sep 14 04:47:27 GMT 2008

I do not share you lack of distaste in Crazyhorse. I do think it is 
almost humorous that there are many bugs just testing through it. I 
haven't filed any bug reports because there are just too many that they 
would be overwhelmed. I'm going to take note of them and wait until the 
freeze is conducted before filing the tickets. Hopefully, they will be 
corrected. It is the second half of September and while it is far more 
stable than when I first looked at it, I'm still not going to upgrade.

To me personally, the level of customization within the various pages is 
enjoyable. I have to say, I find some sort of happiness being able to 
remove tags column, as well as other columns that I can see myself not 
using on some WordPress projects.

I think too many people are seeing this as a new administration panel 
instead of what it is meant to be, an iteration of the current 
administration panel. Yeah, there are many changes being made, but many 
of them are needed to ensure the ease of usability. Many parts are 
intuitive and I suggest giving the newborn some time before judging it 
"ugly" perhaps it will grow up to be quite beautiful.

If you are more specific in your objections, I'm sure the team might be 
able to do something about it. They are currently collecting input on 
whether the "New Post" button should be at the top or where the menu is. 
That was added after the testing and so there haven't been enough input 
on which location it should be.

Jacob Santos

Aaron Brazell wrote:
> Hey folks-
> I've been using trunk on one of my blogs and tracked the Crazyhorse stuff. I
> guess part of me hoped that there would be some sense brought to it, but
> then everything I hated about it was merged into trunk. No offense to anyone
> who did any of the work, but it just doesn't feel right. Thinking it might
> just be me, I got second opinions. It just doesn't feel right.
> Granted, we're on this course now and there's no turning back. It would be
> nice, though, if there were a option to use the more traditional backend
> instead. Something along the lines of the Fresh/Classic color scheme
> switcher. Thoughts?

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