[wp-hackers] Not Feeling Crazyhorse

Frank Bueltge frank at bueltge.de
Sun Sep 14 10:06:58 GMT 2008

I think the actually verson of the design in backend is very ugly. The
html and CSS is very bad und man gugs.
Th deisgn is also hard for plugin-authors. Many plugins is must write
a new page for options.
I hope, this is noct the end of the design in  backend and i hope
alos, the user can change on your progile to the last 3 design (WP2.3
and WP 2.5 classic and frsh)

Sorry for my bad english!

Liebe Grüsse
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On Sun, Sep 14, 2008 at 6:47 AM, Jacob Santos <wordpress at santosj.name> wrote:
> I do not share you lack of distaste in Crazyhorse. I do think it is almost
> humorous that there are many bugs just testing through it. I haven't filed
> any bug reports because there are just too many that they would be
> overwhelmed. I'm going to take note of them and wait until the freeze is
> conducted before filing the tickets. Hopefully, they will be corrected. It
> is the second half of September and while it is far more stable than when I
> first looked at it, I'm still not going to upgrade.
> To me personally, the level of customization within the various pages is
> enjoyable. I have to say, I find some sort of happiness being able to remove
> tags column, as well as other columns that I can see myself not using on
> some WordPress projects.
> I think too many people are seeing this as a new administration panel
> instead of what it is meant to be, an iteration of the current
> administration panel. Yeah, there are many changes being made, but many of
> them are needed to ensure the ease of usability. Many parts are intuitive
> and I suggest giving the newborn some time before judging it "ugly" perhaps
> it will grow up to be quite beautiful.
> If you are more specific in your objections, I'm sure the team might be able
> to do something about it. They are currently collecting input on whether the
> "New Post" button should be at the top or where the menu is. That was added
> after the testing and so there haven't been enough input on which location
> it should be.
> Jacob Santos
> Aaron Brazell wrote:
>> Hey folks-
>> I've been using trunk on one of my blogs and tracked the Crazyhorse stuff.
>> I
>> guess part of me hoped that there would be some sense brought to it, but
>> then everything I hated about it was merged into trunk. No offense to
>> anyone
>> who did any of the work, but it just doesn't feel right. Thinking it might
>> just be me, I got second opinions. It just doesn't feel right.
>> Granted, we're on this course now and there's no turning back. It would be
>> nice, though, if there were a option to use the more traditional backend
>> instead. Something along the lines of the Fresh/Classic color scheme
>> switcher. Thoughts?
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