[wp-hackers] "Action" links for plugins (was Plugin Settings Menu Location)

Stephen Rider wp-hackers at striderweb.com
Wed May 21 15:31:25 GMT 2008

On May 20, 2008, at 7:04 PM, DD32 wrote:

> On Wed, 21 May 2008 06:41:09 +1000, Stephen Rider <wp-hackers at striderweb.com 
> > wrote:
>> Configure -- for one-time setup -- linked page DOES NOT appear
>> elsewhere in Admin
> I disagree there, The page should be accessable via menu's as is  
> currently possible, which in my mind, is the only time a page should  
> ever appear on the plugins page.
> "Configuring" is the process of modfying settings, Whether they be  
> initial once-set, or changed weekly. Maybe a better word would be  
> "Setup"

I definitely think there are cases where there is no need for an item  
in the menus.  So many plugins do one small thing, and are set-and- 
forget, that people can end up with a huge number of things on the  
menus -- half of which they don't need.  I have about 20 plugins on my  
blog.  I've heard people on this list say they have 50 or more!

I think the best approach for that type of thing (Akismet being a bee- 
yoo-tiful example) is to have a Setup link on the plugins page.  We  
might even alter the "Plugin Activated" blurb that appears to add  
"Click on the 'Setup' link below to configure it", or add the link  
directly to the "activated blurb.  Another option to consider is to go  
straight to the setup upon activation (???)

Oh, and... semantically I agree completely with "Setup" for the one- 
time stuff.  I was trying to distinguish clearly from "Settings", but  
y'all are correct.

Another thought -- not sure how to do this -- we might automate this  
so that any time a plugin adds a page in the Admin menu, this link is  
automatically added to the Plugins Page.  Advantages:

1) The links will be added to already existing plugins with no changes  
2) This will help enforce the link name consistency
3) The easier for Plugin authors the better

Separately, we might add a dedicated function such as  
add_uninstall_link() to which authors can attach an uninstall function.

So... We're looking at:

New function:  add_setup_link()
* Attach a setup page that is linked with a "Setup" link on the  
Plugins page.
* Link does NOT appear under any Admin menu.

New function: add_uninstall_link()
* Attach an uninstall function that is linked with an "Uninstall" link  
on the Plugins page.
* Confirmation should be built-in to avoid problems with accidental  
* Include parameter to manually repress the confirmation so an author  
can remove OR customize it (default is to show confirmation).

Modified function: add_submenu_page() (and related functions)
* When Pages are added to Admin menu, direct link is added to Action  
column of plugin creating that link.
* Add parameter to specify the link title.  Default is "Settings".   
Should be localised.
	- Exception: Pages under "Manage" menu default to "Manage".  Should  
be localised.
* Add parameter to manually repress link in case an author does NOT  
want it to appear (default is to make the link).

Modified function: (don't know the function)
* On plugin activation, if add_setup_link() is called, add "Setup"  
link to the "Plugin Activated" blurb at top of plugins page.
* On plugin activation, if add_submenu_page() is called, add "Go to  
<Settings> page" link to the "Plugin Activated" blurb at top of  
plugins page.

What think ye?


Stephen Rider

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