[wp-hackers] Plugins "update not checked"interface

Aaron D. Campbell aaron at xavisys.com
Wed Jun 11 00:26:16 GMT 2008

Is anyone else having problems with their messages not getting through 
to this list?  Anyway, here is my reply again:

Stephen Rider wrote:
>> To me it seems like it would be more suited as a part of the status
> column. 
>> It looks like the status column contains one of the following: 
>> <span class="active">Active</span>
>> <span class="inactive">Inactive</span>
> Not quite accurate, as that's actually the "Action" column.  (You'll note
> that there is also already an "Edit" link there if the plugin directory can
> be edited.)  This is also the place where plugin authors can put Actions
> such as Uninstall, links to a Settings page, and so forth.  Not the best
> place for an information field, IMO.
It looks to me like the "status" and "action" columns are two separate 
columns, with the action column being the right-most column and the 
status column sitting just to the left of it.  Looking at lines 148-153 
of wp-admin/plugins.php it doesn't look like there are any hooks to add 
anything to that cell.  It will only be one of those two things.

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