[wp-hackers] Plugins "update not checked"interface

Eric Marden wp at xentek.net
Wed Jun 11 00:23:18 GMT 2008

>> So, basically, the messages must be something like:
>> - up to date
>> - outdated
>> - unknown: could not check (and we can't be more specific at this  
>> point)
> I'm trying to choose phrasing that suggests:
> a) it's not a program fault, it's just a statement.  ("unknown" to me
> suggests something went wrong)
> b) there might be an update out there, but you'll have to look  
> yourself.
> c) is self-explanatory.  "Unknown" doesn't work -- it would have to be
> "Update status is unknown" or somesuch -- which again, IMO, suggests a
> program fault as opposed to a simple statement.

How about N/A (not applicable) for when it isn't or can't be checked?  
As a user, I could care less if its because its not in the plugin  
directory (which I probably already know, since I probably installed  
it) or if its because its just a problem with installation or coding  
that is causing the up-to-date to fail, so the additional detail is  

And I agree with otto - if we are going to basically add a third (or  
more) status type, then this should move to a column, and the row  
underneath should be replaced, or at least amended. If this is not  
possible, then the third status needs to be communicated some other  
way (if up-to-date is lack of an extra row, and out-of-date is the  
presence of the extra row). Maybe we don't collapse the two - up-to- 
date vs out-of-date with checked vs not-checked - and give this other  
status its own indicators... Maybe an icon, a different row color, or  
maybe even grouping the plugins into two groups. None of these seem  
incredibly appealing, but this may be a start.


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