[wp-hackers] Regarding Authors privs and comments

Mr. Awesome theone.andonly.mr.awesome at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 00:31:47 GMT 2008

Just curious, is there anyway to "hide" ALL comments from authors,
except comments placed on their own posts? Currently, authors can view
ALL the comments under > Comments. For some reason, this doesn't feel
right to me. Let me give an example...

User Joe is made author, they write, they post, and so forth. That's
fine. However, IF User Joe for some reason wants to be nosy, track down
a specific user via the Comments section, they could view any and all
their contact information. Well, maybe not their Messenger usernames and
such. But, their email address, IP address and such.

Now, I know you could just make them Contributors and or Authors for a
certain time frame, then remove that status again. But, if you don't
know of a user being "stalker-ish / spy / drama feeding" from the get
go, allowing them Author status for even a short time frame, could do
more damage then not.

I guess what I'm asking / suggesting / throwing out on the table, is...

1.) Authors/ Contributors should only be able to VIEW their OWN
comments, on their own posts. And or comments held in moderation and so
forth, for their OWN posts.

2.) Administrators should ONLY be able to view ALL comments, no matter
what. Of course, this is already done. So...nothing to worry about there.

I hope this wasn't confusing...

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