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I disagree, but a plugin could easily pull this off I think.

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> Just curious, is there anyway to "hide" ALL comments from authors,
> except comments placed on their own posts? Currently, authors can view
> ALL the comments under > Comments. For some reason, this doesn't feel
> right to me. Let me give an example...
> User Joe is made author, they write, they post, and so forth. That's
> fine. However, IF User Joe for some reason wants to be nosy, track down
> a specific user via the Comments section, they could view any and all
> their contact information. Well, maybe not their Messenger usernames and
> such. But, their email address, IP address and such.
> Now, I know you could just make them Contributors and or Authors for a
> certain time frame, then remove that status again. But, if you don't
> know of a user being "stalker-ish / spy / drama feeding" from the get
> go, allowing them Author status for even a short time frame, could do
> more damage then not.
> I guess what I'm asking / suggesting / throwing out on the table, is...
> 1.) Authors/ Contributors should only be able to VIEW their OWN
> comments, on their own posts. And or comments held in moderation and so
> forth, for their OWN posts.
> 2.) Administrators should ONLY be able to view ALL comments, no matter
> what. Of course, this is already done. So...nothing to worry about there.
> I hope this wasn't confusing...
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