[wp-hackers] Re: [wp-svn] [7007] trunk/wp-admin/edit-comments.php: Trim long urls.

spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 21:06:27 GMT 2008

m at wordpress.org wrote:
> Trim long urls. Hide Approve button when listing already Approved 
> comments.

Just wondering, I just did a SVN UP to include this commit as latest of 
course. When is the Approve button actually supposed to be hidden? I 
just went to the "edit comments" section via COMMENTS > Awaiting 
Moderation (0) under MANAGE COMMENTS H2 there.

Now, don't confuse things here... I didn't click the big link above 
titled "Awaiting Moderation". I clicked the little link "Awaiting 
Moderation (0)" under the landing page for Comments section  (Awaiting 
Moderation (0) |  Approved |  All Comments).

The Approve button is still there, along with "Mark as Spam" and 
"Delete" But there's no comments listed there, as it says "No results 
found." Shouldn't those buttons be hidden then as well, if there's no 
comments there period, or ?

Another thing is, where did the "Unapprove" button go when on the 
Comments landing page? Usually you could just put a checkmark in the 
checkbox for a comment, then just hit "Unapprove" button. I see the big 
blue buttons "Approve" / "Mark as Spam" / "Delete". But no way to 
"Unapprove" anything on the fly. Now, I also see the little links on the 
comments themselves called "edit/delete" under the Actions column. But 
nothing for "Unapprove".

I'm going to miss that, because before it was hella faster to 
"Unapprove" a comment on the fly when on the Comments landing section, 
now we'd have to edit the comment first before having that action 
applied. Or is the "Unapproved" totally removed and referred to as, or 
just handled with the "Moderate" or "Mark as Spam" functions? Just was 

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