[wp-hackers] Suggested IA/UI Changes to the Admin Area

Alex Andrews awgandrews at gmail.com
Sat Feb 16 00:48:16 GMT 2008

I think the scrolling thing on the write page might take some getting
used to. If there weren't so many options (like, say, Tumblr or
clones) then it would be fine, but right now it really feels clumsy.
While this opinion might not be backed up by usability tests, I do use
Wordpress a hell of a lot and may find this incredibly frustrating.
Then again, if I think how often I use, say Custom Fields, or even
edit the slug or timestamp, scrolling down isn't going to cause too
many headaches.

At least it should be easily editable, so one can "stick" stuff to the
sidebar if one likes. Rearrangement and personalisation should be the

Uploader is sexy though and I like the other changes - the settings
are really well placed and the design is lovely and clean. Love the
permalink under the title on the write page with built in edit thing.
It would be best, I think, to have this kind of behavior throughout
the page. For example, on the published bit you could edit the
timestamp etc. This similar "flickr style" editing could be duplicated
in many areas like this across the admin interface.

Thanks for your work on this. Its gonna be a big release!




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