[wp-hackers] Stability of admin...

Jennifer Hodgdon yahgrp at poplarware.com
Wed Feb 13 14:57:21 GMT 2008

Since WP 2.5 is coming out March 10 with major changes (at least, the 
schedule still says that), and we're about at the "freeze" time frame, 
my question for today is:

Are the features of the admin section, composition and layout of the 
admin nav menus, markup of the post/page edit screens, and hooks and 
other API functions related to the admin section pretty much stable 
now for 2.5? In other words, can plugin authors whose plugins add 
sections to post/page edit screens, and/or pages/tabs to the admin 
menus, start updating their plugins for 2.5, or are we still shooting 
at a moving target?

In a related question, did someone write a simple function for plugins 
to use to generate wrappers for a post/page edit screen section? (Ryan 
had mentioned that was in the plans at some point in an email 
discussion, as a good way to support migration to the new wrapper markup.)

If there are still layout/markup/API changes coming that make WP 2.5 a 
moving target for plugin developers, how can those of us who might 
have time help stabilize it? (Pointing to bug #s in trac, or creating 
them, would be helpful so we can write patches.)


Jennifer Hodgdon

Poplar ProductivityWare * www.poplarware.com
Web Databases/Scripts * Modeling/Analysis/Palm OS Software

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