[wp-hackers] Trac question...

Jennifer Hodgdon yahgrp at poplarware.com
Mon Aug 11 16:10:04 GMT 2008

This is not technically a WordPress question, but a question about 
Trac/SVN integration.

On trac.wordpress.org, I think it is set up so that if someone does an 
SVN checkin with a string like "fixes bug #1223" in the checkin 
comment, then the changeset comment automatically also gets added as a 
comment to bug #1223.

I'm using Trac/SVN on another project, and it isn't adding comments to 
the bug reports, although the reverse links are there (i.e. if you 
look at changeset [3445], text like "#1223" links to the Trac issue, 
but I think that is just due to Wiki formatting, not sure).

Does anyone know how to make those automatic comments happen? Is it 
because we are on Trac 0.10.4 on the other project, and WP is on 
0.10.5, or something else? Any ideas?


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