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Captain's log. We received a signal from Computer Guru on StarDate
26/09/07 03:13. Translated to English it stated:
> This is kind of pointless seeing as it's not really the question;
> but that's the reason I prefer forums (public or private) to
> mailing lists: easier to keep track of what's important, easier to
> categorize, and easier to moderate :)

I agree entirely. I can understand Matt's position as well. He spends
more time here than he should. It was about 2 years ago that I asked
if this mailing list could be turned to/replaced by a newsgroup. I
have not been posting here for months because it became hard (and
time-consuming) to keep up with. Mailing lists are almost worse than
online forums. And then there's the issue of forum-worthy posts coming
to a development mailing list...

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